week 7: addons

My concept was to create an interface that allows the user to “work together” with the system to make drawings, so I mainly looked for addons related to graphics.

Creates 2D artboard; suitable for creating my system interface.

Addon for using tablet in openframeworks. Part of the system’s user interface, allowing the user to draw more easily and freely.

Creates interesting visuals based on drawn lines.
(ofxDelaunay – similar addon? to be tested)

Algorithmic generated color palettes (with different modes).

Creates interesting visuals – the example shows a dynamic, changing graphic, maybe alter the code to make it only run once?
(similar: ofxFlowTools)

Simulates the effect of drawing with ink.

I also found some 3D-based addons that are visually interesting; I’m not sure if I should add 3D elements or straightforward change my system into a 3D-based one at this stage, and I intend to explore these addons more to find out the possibilities provided by 3D addons.

Creates regenerated 3D graphics based on the original 3D objects’ patterns.

Reconstructing the surface of a 3D space/object.


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